English Summer program is from June 29th to July 31st.

5 weeks focused deeply on learning a new language.

Don't worry if you can not make it for Summer, our program runs the whole school year.


Beginners English


GRADES 1 - 4

10 - 11 am

GRADES 5 - 7

12 - 1 pm

PRICE: $125 one hour weekly / 5 weeks total

The English classes are designed for students with little or no previous study of the English language. This course is designed for beginners, with an interactive focus on communication. During our sessions, students will be able to use simple phrases to communicate in basic English in a variety of everyday situations. Students will be able to use context to construct meaning and self-monitor their English language development acquisition. Through activities, games and practice, students will be able to introduce themselves and others, ask for and give basic personal information using the present-tense to be verb forms.

Melody Makers

Monday and Wednesday

10 - 11 am


PRICE: $220 two hours weekly / 5 weeks total

The best learning happens when we have fun. This class is designed for students with little or no previous study of the English language. Students will embark on a journey to make their own beats to their song, using basic English skills. Music is a universal language, one we can all understand and embrace. Music helps the student learn the rhythm of the language and
improve their pronunciation. In this class, students will learn the numbers counting and making their own beats. Through this creative experience, students will combine their interest for music while learning the language. Students will learn new vocabulary words through catchy songs. This makes it easier for the students to learn new words in a fun and engaging way. Through lyric reading and singing, students will be able to learn basic pronouns, singular and plural. We will focus on all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Essay writing workshop for highschoolers

Monday and Wednesday

1 - 2 pm

GRADES 9 - 12

PRICE: $220 two hours weekly / 5 weeks total

In this workshop students will learn the step by step writing process. They will learn a variety of ways to put their thoughts in order in the pre-writing phase. This makes it clear for the student to understand where they are going with their essay and why. We will analyze the question and main idea to form a concise and strong thesis that will tie in with their introduction. Students will learn how to write each paragraph to focus on the main idea and justify their information with evidence. Students will then learn how to evaluate their writing to make analytical decisions on what to omit or add in the editing phase. Let’s begin writing!